The best possible recommendation of our services is from testimonials provided by both private and business clients. These will be regularly updated so please visit us again to read comments from more satisfied clients of Wildlife Control Services.

Stuart Humphries

My family moved into a house with an infestation of silverfish, literally thousands of these insects were seen and killed over a 3 month timeframe. I had several pest control companies come out to the house giving their professional advice and putting sprays down but then informing us that we would never get rid of them and chargeing us the earth. My wife was ready to sell the house within 2 months of being there, until I called Phil John. He was the most informed professional I had come across. He immediately told me of his strategy to combat these insects, and after a few strategically placed sprays and powder deposits, we have not seen these insects for over 9 months. He’s saved me thousands in stamp duty and a lot less headaches ! ! ! ! !

I couldn’t thank Phil enough and would easily recommenty him to anyone that needed advice on pest control. In my opinion there is no one better.

Eileen and Paul Bailey

The care and effort put in by Phil was phenomenal. We had been out of our house due to a burst pipe in December. We had received  reports of noises in the house but hadn’t seen any intruders, then  we observed the culprit, a squirrel! We had to ensure they were out of the house as the builders wished to put in the electrics.

Naturally I went onto the internet and there was the person to ask. He was truly amazing, reassuring, thoughtful, always prepared to come and at any time and in his words ‘persistent’. Every possible humane method was adopted. Initially we tried to keep them out but being detrmined, they ate, spat and dislodged the wire matting and foam which he had carefully placed in the hole. We were all dumbfounded and Phil tried again but an animal that will chew and spit out plastic guttering and metal matting will not be deterred. Phil exp[lained that he would trap them and how many there were likely to be. He was thoughtful and generous with his time throughout. Thanks to him the builders were able to do their work.

Eric Hardy

I would like to give a testimonial to confirm the excellent service given by Wildlife Control over the last 12 months, with regard to rabbit control on my land, which has virtually irradicated the rabbit population over a short period of time. Through this Wildlife Control have resolved a problem with moles in just two visits. The service is quick and thorough, with no time wasting, just efficiency, well worth the money.

Jackie EVANS

Thanks  for sorting out our mole problem. They had been causing damage to our lawns for years and whilst we tried to resolve the problem ourselves with smoke bombs, traps and numerous patent remedies, but to no avail. Your expertise removed the three offenders in double quick time. Mole free lawns, thank you

Robert Smith

One of my clients had recently purchased two fields from a local farmer. Both fields had severe mole problems. I contacted Wildlife Control Services and the next day, Phil John carried out a site visit to look at the scale of the problem. Supplying us with his vast knowledge of the matter and a very reasonable quote, we asked him to carry out the work. The following week, Phil was on site for two full days and carried out an extremely thorough gassing of the tunnels. This was back in March 2010 and at the end of August we are still mole free.

I would not hesitate in recommending Wildlife Control Services to anyone.

Robert Smith Gardens Ltd – Design and Consultency

Paul Jenkins

Just a note to thank you for your prompt and helpful service, your depth of knowledge and cheerful disposition. We are very grateful for your help in ridding us of the  rats.

I have and will recommend you to any of my friends who have pest problems in the future.

Jason Conway

I contacted Phil John after our back garden had become dotted with red ant nests and were becoming a nuisance. Phil came over and assessed the situation and within 30 minutes all of the nests had been treated. Not only did he do a very efficient job, the charge for the service was extremely reasonable and I happily recommend Phil’s services. First Class!

Derek Winkworth

How would you feel if a rat skipped past you whilst in your kitchen and promptly ran up the stairs? Having had vermin problems in previous properties we knew we had to deal with it immediately. Phil was contacted and came within the hour, even though it was a Sunday. He was very professional in his approach with traps and poison. We managed to snare our “visitor” within hours and are confident that the things Phil has put in place will control and limit anything further.

Colin Morran

Very happy with the service provided to resolve our carpet moth problem. Phil came around promptly to look at the problem, gave us friendly, honest advice and a reasonable, no obligation quote. Once we accepted the quote, the work was performed to a high standard and with little inconvenience for ourselves. Overall very happy with the service.

Deborah GIBLIN

A grey squirrel decided to take residence in our home and after several attempts to remove it ourdelves failed, I contacted Wildlife Control Services. The “delinquent” squirrel was apprehended in 2 hours. Phil’s service was prompt, efficient and much appreciated. His experience and knowledge of wildlife reflects in his results which are excellent.

Mary Turner

Many thanks for your quick response to our call about moles. You attended to our mole problem quickly and efficiently even though the weather conditions were not in your favour! Your knowledge about country matters and your friendly manner were great. We will definitely be recommending you to family and friends in the future.

Paul Cleary

After being stung by a wasp and developing an allergic reaction, Phil came immediately around to kill the wasps nest and then when things had settled down popped back later to remove it. This was an exceptional service and not one wasp reappeared from the nest. Many thanks to Phil for a job well done.

Teresa Brown

A mole was making our lives hell digging up our much loved garden lawn.Within an hour of telephoning Wildlife Control Services traps were being laid! We can confidently recommend Wildlife Control Services and would certainly use them again in the future.

Peter Bryant

We had a very bad bout of carpet moths throughout the lounge/dining room and starting to invade other ground floor and bedroom carpets. WCS did an excellent job, starting almost immediately after calling and thoroughly eradicating the little critters. Furthermore good advice given on avoiding a repetition. Highly recommended.

Trevor Horsley, PALI

I would like to take this opportunityof thanking you for the amount of effort and dogged determination you have shown in ridding my property of unwanted pets, namely rats.

Having consumed in excess or 4 kilo’s of food and some very toxic poison in the end my home is now again mine. I thought we had one ot two rats but your experience and knowledge highlighted the fact that clearly one or two rats could not devour so much poison.

Persistence and belief wins the day, many thanks. I have no hesitation in recommending you.

Dean and Ellie Lock

We had an infestation of case bearing clothes moths, which was dealt with in a very helpful and professional manner. The pest man was extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way to help us on three separate occasions. We will definately use him again for a problem with pigeons that are prevalent where we live. A genuinely nice and helpful chap, who was very knowledgeable about a wide range of pest control. I highly recommend Wildlife Control Services to anyone in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas. He is very reasonably priced and very thorough too! Thanks Dean and Ellie.

Tania Fawcett

Wildlife Control Services were extremely efficient at getting rid of the moles that had taken over our garden. Phil John was professional, meticulous and knowledgeable about a broad range of wildlife and pest problems. I would recommend Wildlife Control Services.
Claire McGill

Really quick,friendly and got the job done.What more can you ask for. Highly recommended. Rated 5/5 (wasp Job).


Mole hills started to appear on our lawn and I must admit we were very anxious that we would ever see the back of them.When we contacted Wildlife Services,Phil was very reassuring from the outset. He was on site promptly, assessed the situation and explained very clearly why there was activity, what he expected to find and how he would go about tackling the problem. It was clear he had an instinctive sense of these animal’s habits as well as many years experience dealing with much bigger pest problems. He set traps and returned within a week to remove them. We know  that  there will always be a risk of these moles adventuring into the garden again from the field alongside but Phil has given us advice on how to deter them and will always be there to help us out again if needed.Many thanks Phil for your prompt, professional and very effective response.


We had a serious rabbit problem, they had built a series of burrows in our garden and were undermining trees and becoming a right nuisance. I contacted Phil to see if he could eradicate them for us. He did, very effectively, one visit was all it took and no more rabbits. Well done Phil, a great job done, thanks very much.

Pests Covered

Rats, Mice, Moles, Squirrels, Rabbits, Mink, Foxes, Deer, Wild Boar.

Magpies, Pigeons, Crows, Gulls (Installation of new AVISHOCK electric bird deterrence system for Gulls and Pigeons)

Wasps, House Flies, Cluster Fly, Moth, Carpet Moths, Clothes Moths, Mosquito, Carpet Beetles, Bed Bug, Cockroach, Woodlice, Ants, Silverfish, Booklice, Flea, Tick etc.

Each pest may require a different treatment, equipment or method to resolve. With over 30 years of expertise and knowledge we can offer the best solution.

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