More Testimonials

Phil C

Having tried a number of options, without success, to control the pest problems in our attic, we were given the name of Phil John. He was not only quick to come round, he aslo very quickly diagnosed the problem as being rats and set about there and then to rid us of the rodents. A few weeks on and we’re no longer being kept awake by the noise of rats in the attic, which is good news indeed. As a bonus, his prices are also very reasonable. Many thanks.

Mark W

Our problem was first thought to be squirrels due to the number in the garden and was lasting longer than expected. Our own traps were just not working and the thought of paying huge sums of money delayed “getting a man in to do the job” Thankfully we called Phil John and we seem to have now turned the corner in getting rid of our now agreed rat problem. Very acceptable rates, advice and assistance now mean I can control the pests myself, but if needed, I know where to go for assistance. Many thanks.

Sam L

Phil made two visits, first to kill treat a fly infestation in the loft and then again to clear up and check for larvae. The fee was very reasonable, advice was well informed. Phil knows his bugs!
Thanks, Sam.

Vicky W

We had a real problem with rabbits eating our sports pitch and after a couple of visits from Phil this was all sorted. He was reliable, quick to respond and extremely reasonable. Would certainly use him again and would recommend him to anyone.

Tim L

Grey squirels everywhere, now you see them (and hear them) now you dont. Great job Phil sleepless nights are a thing of the past!!

Mr D. Calvertz and Miss T. Wyrwoll

After several days of unrest due to being awoken at 5am every morning, I discovered the noise was due to several grey squirrels nesting in our loft. I was amazed at the damage they had done in such little time and after recommendation, immediately contacted the Wildlife Control Service for help. After several visits were needed we were expecting the bill to be expensive, however, this was certainly not the case. Not only did we receive an un-believably low charge for the service provided, we were also advised on how to prevent further infestation to our property in the future. I can honestly say that the efficiency of service, help and advice that Phil John provided was fantastic and thanks to him, we can now get a decent nights sleep.

Pests Covered

Rats, Mice, Moles, Squirrels, Rabbits, Mink, Foxes, Deer, Wild Boar.

Magpies, Pigeons, Crows, Gulls (Installation of new AVISHOCK electric bird deterrence system for Gulls and Pigeons)

Wasps, House Flies, Cluster Fly, Moth, Carpet Moths, Clothes Moths, Mosquito, Carpet Beetles, Bed Bug, Cockroach, Woodlice, Ants, Silverfish, Booklice, Flea, Tick etc.

Each pest may require a different treatment, equipment or method to resolve. With over 30 years of expertise and knowledge we can offer the best solution.

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