At Wildlife Control Services  we believe in offering fair prices for our services. You will benefit from many years of experience and can be safe in the knowledge that you will receive a first class service with a minimum of intrusion. There are many methods of pest control available for each pest type and we have the skill and knowledge to offer you the best possible option for your unique situation. We don’t offer quick fixes, we pride ourselves in providing the best solution to your pest control problem.

Deer  – Whilst we recognise that deer are often much admired, they do require management. We provide humane methods of control and deer management services, using are own professional and qualified deer stalkers. In addition we can provide a deer impact survey if required. Please call us for more details.

Wasp / Hornets Nests – £65 – £85 between May and July. By August and September as the nests get larger costs will be slightly more.

Flea, bed bug and moth treatments– £50 to £75 per room, depending on the area to be treated but negotiable for very large rooms or where lots of furniture needs to be moved. Discounts are always given the more rooms there are to be treated. We normally use a growth regulator with our insecticide for fleas as another way to tackle them successfully. This stops fleas reaching adulthood and thus laying eggs. Using the best products enables us to give the 100% guarantee with confidence.

Cluster Flies– Can be controlled permanently in a loft by the use of a fly machine. If they are coming in through windows, we can spray the window frame to stop this, Sometimes they come down through light fittings. We can put a clear mastic around the rose to stop this. Window treatments usually cost £50 to £75. If we are to deal with light fittings also the cost may be about £100 as this takes quite a long time. Fly machines for a small loft can be supplied for £60. A 3 pin 13 amp socket will be required in the loft. For a larger loft a £80 machine will be adequate whilst one costing £125 may be required for a vary big loft.

Rodent control– £95 for the first and second visit and survey plus the costs of any bait supplied (no extra charge for setting out baited rat or mouse traps).There may be other costs, up to £150, if we are required to block holes or rodent entry points. We use a product called Xcluder matting, which is a stainless steal wire and fibre mat. We stiffen this with small gauge wire netting. The matting is quite expensive but does not rust or cause stains and lasts for many years. No rodent or animal can chew through it. We have used it for many years now, very successfully.

Squirrel trapping– £50 – £75 to set up trapping stations, depending on distance plus cost of bait. Then to deal with captured squirrels, we charge £15 per visit.

Mole control– £75 – £125 depending on distance .

Fox control– £80 to £100 per session, depending on distance.

Pigeon control – £80 to £100 per session for shooting, depending on distance. The installation of bird spikes is £25 per hour plus the cost of the spikes, adhesive and fixing conditioning liquid. If height is a problem and ladders are not suitable then the hire of a cherry picker will also be added and these can cost between £300 and £500 for the day.

Magpie trapping – £60 to £85 to set up. We encourage customers to deal with captured birds, if they have the means, otherwise we charge £30 to £40 per visit, depending on distance, to deal with them.

Gull control – £60 to £85 per session, depending on distance.

If you have problem with a pest not mentioned, please contact us as we will almost certainly have the knowledge and means to deal with it.

Pests Covered

Rats, Mice, Moles, Squirrels, Rabbits, Mink, Foxes, Deer, Wild Boar.

Magpies, Pigeons, Crows, Gulls (Installation of new AVISHOCK electric bird deterrence system for Gulls and Pigeons)

Wasps, House Flies, Cluster Fly, Moth, Carpet Moths, Clothes Moths, Mosquito, Carpet Beetles, Bed Bug, Cockroach, Woodlice, Ants, Silverfish, Booklice, Flea, Tick etc.

Each pest may require a different treatment, equipment or method to resolve. With over 30 years of expertise and knowledge we can offer the best solution.

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